Drake to Executive Produce Aaliyah Album; “Enough Said” Released

Late last week, HipHopDX reported that Drake will be the executive producer of a posthumous Aaliyah album. And just as they expected, a new Aaliyah record, “Enough Said,” featuring Drake was premiered on the OVO blog Sunday evening and then later that night at the OVO Fest.

We all know Drake’s obsession with Aaliyah by now, but this has evolved from He’s a huge Aaliyah fan, too! to Yo, we know you love Aaliyah now, to Damn nigga, you did what? Doesn’t this remind you of Stephen King’s Misery? The letter was cool, but there were some eh excerpts. The tattoos were Nah, I’m good on those. Y’all know what’s next…yep, necrophilia.

Drake executive producing Aaliyah’s album is like the ultimate collector’s item. Imagine a Star Wars fan getting a hold of George Lucas. Or an avid Harry Potter reader with J.K. Rowling in their basement….and then helping them create another story. Sounds sweet as fuck, right?

I tend to digress, but the problem is with Timbaland and Missy Elliott and their not-involvement in this project (that we know of). What is going through their minds?

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