God Forgives, I Don’t…And I Don’t, Either

Musicians can’t stay hot forever. Only a select few can even come close to a 10 year music career. Five years in any genre is pushing it. After that, you can count most artists out. They won’t vanish immediately, but fans and media will hold on a few years too long while these artists have either diminished in skill, can’t top the charts, are crowded by new artists, or quite simply…the jig is up.

**I wrote a similar piece on Lil Wayne jumping the shark last year. I’m doing OK so far, no?

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Tha Carter IV Review

With Eminem & Royce’s Hell: The Sequel being only an EP and Jay-Z & Kanye’s Watch The Throne purposely being released with a lack of promotion, Sorry 4 The Album Tha Carter IV was definitely the most anticipated full length Hip Hop album that we knew was going to be released sometime this year. Although it is unfair to compare this album to what Tha Carter III did three years ago, when you’re an artist of his magnitude people start critiquing your work against what you have already done, as opposed to other artist’s work. This is a great point to use with his album because while it’s not a great album, it’s still better than a lot of the stuff out there already. It’s just that three years in between installments of Tha Carter series, we expected better.

A large part in C4’s critical “failure” is the degression of Lil Wayne’s rap skills. Wayne’s flow has been through numerous phases throughout his career. Most were for the good, but some weren’t. Hit the jump as I go in depth with the phases and talk about the album.

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Lil Wayne – How To Love (Video)

Less than a week before the release of Tha Carter IV, Weezy finally releases the visual for “How To Love.”

This is definitely one of Wayne’s most impressive songs. “Lollipop” had to grow on me, but that song was impressive in large part from Static’s songwriting. I’ve looked for weeks to see who wrote this song, but I haven’t found anything that said Wayne didn’t write “How To Love,” so props to him. I didn’t think his songwriting abilities were strong enough to create this.

But anyways, hit the jump for the video. Besides the cheesy ending (4:50), this video was pretty cool.

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Exclusive Wiz Khalifa “Rolling Papers Tour” Photos; Big Sean Arrested

So what had happened was….Originally I was suppose to interview Wiz Khalifa, but the day before his scheduled stop in Lewiston, NY for his “Rolling Papers Tour” , I was told that I couldn’t get the interview. However, his people were kind enough to give me a photo pass. So I took over 700 pictures of Wiz, Chevy Woods and Big Sean, who apparently was arrested for sexual assault after the show.

So hit the jump for the photos, but don’t forget where you got them from!

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Drake – Headlines

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a few days. I’ve been recovering from a recent loss. But I cheered up a bit this morning.

Anywho, below is “Headlines,” the first “official single” (I hate that term now) from Drake’s sophomore LP Take Care. Yes, the same single we should have by now.

The song has that “Over” feel. Real upbeat and braggadicious. Nothing emo-like, like the last three songs he gave us from the album

Drinking every night ’cause we drink to my accomplishments.

Download that mofo here. Hit the jump to listen to it…

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Exclusive Tech N9ne Interview

I had the honor of interviewing Tech N9ne twice the past few weeks. One was over the phone, which was supposed to go to print but due to complications it wasn’t published.

The interview above was my second, which took place on his tour bus when he stopped in Buffalo for All 6’s and 7’s: The Tour. Tech talked about the wide demographic of fans, his album, his early b-boy days, creating Tech N9ne, meeting Lil Wayne while he was at Rikers Island, how he almost got Eminem on the album, and more. The original interview was 30 minutes long, but I had to cut it down to 10. Maybe one day I’ll liberate the rest?

His latest album, All 6’s and 7’s is definitely a top 3 Hip Hop release this year, and debuted at #1 with 55k sold, an amazing feat for an independent artist.