Nas is Like…


…getting ghostwriters and shit. Supposedly Jay Electronica and of dead prez fame for his untitled album. Twitter and the rest of the Internet erupted on Monday night when this news came about.

How much of Biggie’s rhymes is gona come out your fat lips?

Oh. Word son? OK.

This is how I felt after I finished reading the article that you can read after the jump.


Click the damned link to read the article. Are you happy?

Here’s a video that came out last week (before dream hampton’s tweet) where Nas denies ever having a ghostwriter to Big Boy.

You see that video? Men lie. Women lie. Rappers definitely lie, B.

Again…rappers definitely lie, B. What’s a ghostwriter that admits to ghostwriting? In fact, Jay didn’t deny anything here. He did not say “I didn’t ghostwrite for Nas.” We know Nas doesn’t need a ghostwriter.

On the other hand, here’s what went to his Facebook and said:

As far as the rumors about myself and jay electronika ghost writing for Nas, let me say this. Nas is one of the if not the most prolific original lyricist to EVER do it. My contributions to his album was a collaboration and an honor and under his direction of what he wanted to convey and say. Haters cant discredit that man’s genuis. Nas is the Don.

Perfect example of a “I’m admitting to doing it by technically not admitting or denying to anything” statement, huh?

Your move, Mr. Jones.

Specifics on how much of the album was ghostwritten aren’t totally clear, but dream hampton did say “largely” in her tweet. She also supposedly has heard up to six reference tracks for that album.

For what it’s worth, hampton is close friends with Jay-Z. Even wrote Decoded with him. But with her reputation, I find it hard to believe she’s going against Nas. Her comment stemmed from another conversation anyways. Not like she said that out of no where.

Even though Nas’ rap abilities haven’t been on par to his earlier works, he has still remained one of the top wordsmiths in Hip Hop. But these ghostwriting talks have to at least make you wonder if he has ever done this before. If Street’s Disciple or Nastradamus were ghostwritten, I’d actually be relieved. But if God’s Son, Stillmatic, It Was Written, and oh my gosh forbid Illmatic was not all from Nas’ pen then…………………..Jay-Z is the undisputed GOAT Hahahahahahha!!!!!!

But let’s not jump to conclusions. Nas’ untitled album did not make (or break) him as an artist. He has been Nas. He was the GOAT way before that album. Of course people will question, but until proven otherwise I’ll believe a rapper writes his own material. It’s that simple.

I just wrote in my Rick Ross article about how important the pen is for rappers. I’ve actually had conversations with myself about why rappers forbid other people to write lyrics for them. Whether it’s because a talented, unpopular rapper needs to pay the bills, or a rapper on the rise needs to separate himself from the competition. Of course, your lyrical credibility would go out of the window. But half of these rappers don’t care about out-rapping the next guy anymore anyways.

Yo, let’s say I gave you Jay-Z, 2Pac, KRS-One, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., Eminem and Rakim and said one of these GOATs had a ghostwriter at one point in time. Who would you choose? I think y’all would pick Hov, just off of the fact that he uses a lot of Biggie’s rhymes.

I haven’t said this in a while, but Nas lost.

Nas lost, indeed.


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