(500) Days of Channel Orange

Channel Orange is easily the best album I’ve heard all year. Frank Ocean’s Tumblr post/Thank You notes where he opened up about a past homosexual relationship made his life and records a million times more intriguing.

But what hit me while listening to the album was it’s correlation to one of my favorite movies, (500) Days of Summer.

This isn’t an album review as much as it is an evaluation. I just wanted to point out how summer, unrequited love, Los Angeles, and wanting something more with someone who wasn’t in it as deeply as you are were very similar in both stories. While listening to Channel Orange, (500) Days like immediately popped into my head.

I popped in (500) Days last week and realized that, hmm…maybe this movie doesn’t correlate with the album as much as I thought. But the main elements (aside from having a heterosexual protagonist) from both stories are parallel.

Hence the short length of this post. But like I said, this was more of me pointing some things out and getting straight to my point rather than an album review.

Below is a trailer from the movie. I highly recommend watching it and listening to Frank Ocean’s album.

Buy this shit.

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