Wiz Khalifa’s Album Cover



Bwahaha…OK, for real though. What’s up with these insecure artists? This is not a post about “soft rappers.” This is a Do-what-you-do-without-feeling-ashamed-of-yourself post.

After revealing his O.N.I.F.C. album cover in the middle of the night to the world (I was at a bar getting jiggy to “Work Hard, Play Hard” when I saw it), it was barley a half of a day before Wiz Khalifa took to his twitter to blah blah blah and explain the “meaning” behind the cover after seeing the Internet clownish him.

Not too long after, his stylist, Fatima B., was quoted backing up his decision to do that cover.

Now let’s be serious. There’s really nothing bad about the cover. The guy is just sitting in a chair with a Dalmatian fur coat and some candy canes for pants. Is it really that bad? It’s funny as fuck, but the cover isn’t controversial in any way.

What happened was the poor guy saw everyone laughing and he (or his publicist) had to think of something to say to calm everyone down.

Think about it: how does a fur coat and pants scream being yourself and taking risks? For one, if this was Wiz being himself, we wouldn’t be laughing because we’d be used to this. For two, what risk is he taking? Not matching? Oh my gosh no one has ever walked out the house mismatching in the history of life before.

I can see if an artist wanted to or felt they have to explain an album cover, but there’s nothing to explain here. So let’s just laugh.

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