Drake to Executive Produce Aaliyah Album; “Enough Said” Released

Late last week, HipHopDX reported that Drake will be the executive producer of a posthumous Aaliyah album. And just as they expected, a new Aaliyah record, “Enough Said,” featuring Drake was premiered on the OVO blog Sunday evening and then later that night at the OVO Fest.

We all know Drake’s obsession with Aaliyah by now, but this has evolved from He’s a huge Aaliyah fan, too! to Yo, we know you love Aaliyah now, to Damn nigga, you did what? Doesn’t this remind you of Stephen King’s Misery? The letter was cool, but there were some eh excerpts. The tattoos were Nah, I’m good on those. Y’all know what’s next…yep, necrophilia.

Drake executive producing Aaliyah’s album is like the ultimate collector’s item. Imagine a Star Wars fan getting a hold of George Lucas. Or an avid Harry Potter reader with J.K. Rowling in their basement….and then helping them create another story. Sounds sweet as fuck, right?

I tend to digress, but the problem is with Timbaland and Missy Elliott and their not-involvement in this project (that we know of). What is going through their minds?

Continue to listen to “Enough Said.”

Much better than that “Unforgettable” song (yes pun intended) from Thank Me Later, huh?

Anybody who knows me knows I am a huge Drake fan. I practically find myself defending the guy any time his name is brought up. But his rumored controlling of Aaliyah’s entire project is a travesty.

Details about how such duties to oversee Aaliyah’s album are obtained have not come to light yet, but I definitely felt some type of way that Timbaland or Missy are not taking creative control over any Aaliyah recording. I definitely felt some other type of way when Timbaland had to publicly state that he and Missy should be involved in the project a few months ago.

How does this even happen? Who is in control of Aaliyah’s estate? In HipHopDX’s report, Rashad Haughton (Aaliyah’s brother), said there was no Aaliyah album “in the works.” But seeing that the Blackground Records (ran by Barry and Jomo Hankerson, Aaliyah’s uncle and cousin) logo is on the cover art, the Hankerson’s may posses total control of her recordings. Added with the fact that there is bad blood between Timbaland and the label, it would make some sense if Blackground sold those rights with a clause preventing any involvement from Timbaland. I mean, with Drake collaborating with Timbaland in the past and his obvious respect for her legacy, you’d think he would’ve at least spoken with Tim by now, huh?

While I am all for listening to Aaliyah under the production and guidance of Timbaland and Missy Elliott, we can not act like they’re the only ones who has worked with Aaliyah her entire career. At 15 she released her first album, Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number, which was pretty much handled by R. Kelly. It wasn’t until her sophomore effort, One in a Million, where she began to work with Tim and Missy. And even though Timbaland was responsible for two singles from her third album, Aaliyah, they did not work on the totality of that album (Timbaland and Blackground been having disagreements for years). So let’s not act like they’re as inseparable as Janet Jackson and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

But I can’t play devil’s advocate too long. I mean, we have a new Aaliyah song with a Drake verse and 40 on the beat, while Timbo and Missy has had 0 parts in what has already been done with the entire album. Forget the production, but as an Aaliyah fan, wouldn’t you have loved to hear her fly solo for the first joint? I’m not sure how many Aaliyah songs Drake has to work with (must be a lot if he’s working on an LP), but along with Static Major (RIP), you’d have to think that Missy had to write a few of those records, right? A while ago, Timbaland admitted he suffered from depression after she passed. This has to be a big deal for him.

40 is a cool producer…I guess. I like his stuff, but while him and Drake makes incredible records exclusively with each other, 40’s production hasn’t really blown my mind. Specifically on “Enough Said,” where his conducting was just…..there. It’s like he had a blank canvas and threw three streaks of color on that ho. I doubt Drake would give 40 every single track, but with Timbaland and Missy not a part of the record as of today, it’s going to leave a bad taste in my mouth as well as some unpleased ears.

And will Drake let his buddies hop on an Aaliyah record? Imagine Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled and Lil Chuckie sharing any type of anything with Aaliyah. This album can turn into a Biggie Duets real quick, B.

I hope this is just a bad dream…

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